Joystick Control

Custom Hand Control Solutions

Our custom hand control solutions, industrial push pull systems and hand control cables are available to meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re after levers or joysticks, we can create perfect push pull control system for a variety of applications, including: truck mixer, vibrator control, remote valve actuation, drive engagement and automatic systems.

Single axis hand control

For use in a number of driving contexts, these products feature an easy connection to input. Single axis custom made handbrake cables are ideal for use in collaboration with push pull controls. These are easy to connect assist with drive engagement, remote valve actuation and a variety of other uses.

Joystick systems

These custom made cables are designed to work on their own, or in conjunction with hydraulic spool valves. Featuring a number of locking functions, these control systems are made with an easy-to-grip material and a durable mounted base.

Custom emergency brakes

Ensuring you’re using the highest quality of emergency brake cables is an important part of keeping your vehicle safe. Our emergency products are manufactured in the USA and provide a cable system that won’t lose tension quickly. These custom designed products are able to tow valuable goods and are ideal for both cars and trucks.

If you require custom designed brake cables made for you, including handbrake and emergency goods, please contact us.

We can help you create an effective handbrake system for all of your leisure, commercial and industrial driving needs.

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Custom Hand Control Solutions

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