Ball Joints

S/SS/SC Quick Disconnect, with Spring or Spring Clip

Suitable for applications requiring quick disconnect capabilities, the Tuthill S/SS/SC Series offers three different styles of fast assembly/disassembly ball joints.

  • S Series: spring loaded sleeve, smaller ball joint sizes
  • SS Series: Exposed spring loaded sleeve, larger sized applications.
  • SC series: ball stud is retained by a spring clip, for lower load and fewer disconnection requirements - the most economical alternative.
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Ball Joint S/SS/SC

R-G Steel Housing, Staked Design with Rubber Grommet

The Tuthill R-G Series (SAE J490/Type G/Style 2) offers a widely used and economic metal to metal ball joint design. Ball stud and body are produced from low carbon steel and the ball stud is heat treated. All parts are zinc plated and treated with a yellow dichromate for corrosion resistance and consistent appearance.

The precision heated treated ball is inserted into the shell and a precise crimping process retains the ball while providing sufficient movement of the ball stud without excessive play. A rubber grommet seal provides a durable contaminant protection. Right and left-handed treads (for metric sizes – consult factory) are available in a variety of configurations.

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Ball Joint R-G

P Hard Plastic Body, with Steel Ball Stud

Suitable for many lighter-duty applications such as engine controls, electronic devices, and a wide range of applications requiring low force mechanical actuators, the Tuthill P Series offers our most economical ball joint design.

P Series ball joints are low carbon steel that is zinc plated and yellow dichromate treated for extended corrosion resistance. The body is hard moulded thermo plastic and offers self-lubricating and wear resistance benefits. The assembly also offers the ability to quickly disconnect the ball stud from the housing to improve ease-of-maintenance.

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Ball Joint P

DC/DH Control Swivels

DC/DH Swivels were developed specifically for control applications where infinite adjustment is desired along the length of a connecting rod. They are intended for low load applications and offer in-line misalignments that are suited primarily for push applications.

By using a Buna N rubber disc in the assembly, smooth and vibration-free operation is realized. A wide range of sizes and styles are available to match your application. DC Model offers 5/16″ hardened self-locking screw.

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Ball Joint DC/DH

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