Air Assist Clutch

TGA’s clutch cables are designed to be easily installed and functional. Made from the highest quality materials, by top-tier engineers in the USA, these products are versatile, durable and available for various uses across Melbourne.

Finding clutch cable suppliers in Australia can be a frustrating process when the mechanical market is inundated with cheap, poor quality products that are prone to corrosion. Our flexible pull-only clutch cables use a pull-based movement without rods, bell cranks or linkages. These are designed for loads of a high capacity and are extremely economical.

Additionally, our cables are the perfect solution for industrial and commercial needs in Melbourne, with options for custom made cable assemblies available upon request. If you require specific lengths or features in your clutch cable system, our suppliers can help craft the perfect product for you at an affordable price.

Alternatively, we can match your needs with a premade clutch cable that will last and deliver you the results you’re after. There’s no need to stress over complicated installation, either; all of our products are designed to be exceptionally simple to implement in trucks, cabs, cranes and other vehicles and offer a broad range of fittings.

If you’re like to find out more about these products, please contact us. Our experts can provide you with honest advice and recommendations as Australia and Melbourne’s trusted cable suppliers.

Pneumatic Clutch Booster

Booster Systems

Booster systems are used in many applications They are used to boost output on: Clutches Brakes Steering.

Clutch Boosters

Are used on heavy duty trucks and buses to reduce excessive clutch pedal loads and effort.

Pedal Effort

High clutch pedal loads no longer need to be tolerated. This is particularly true as more drivers are steeping into vehicles with 600 plus horsepower.

High Horsepower

High Horsepower + large torque demand introduced into the clutch demands equally large clutches. Without a clutch booster, short throw pedals are impossible.


With a clutch booster integrated into the system, light pedal force can be had with a short clutch pedal throw.


This improves driver performance from a fatigue viewpoint as well as a quality of driving factor. Driving control of any vehicle whether it’s a sports car or road train is always improved when all controls are balanced.

Pneumatic Clutch Booster System

This system was introduced by the Cablecraft Motion Controls USA in 1994 and is designed to reduce the clutch pedal effort.

Main components are the Load Sensor Regulator and Booster Cylinder. All components are corrosion resistant. No lubrication or maintenance is required when the system is properly used for recommended applications.

Pneumatic Clutch Booster

Pneumatic Clutch Booster System Operation

The power booster is a pneumatic force sensitive linear servo device. Input / output force ratio is independent of stroke position and may varied to suit the application. Initial input force required to start magnification of the output force can also be specified. Various stroke lengths are available.

The Booster cylinder receives controlled air from the Load Sensor Regulator. Separation of these two functions improves the design options when fitting system into new or existing vehicles

What is reasonable pedal force?

The best way to answer that is to look at the forces required to operate the brake, throttle and clutch. Effort for all controls should be balanced without any function requiring noticeably greater effort than the other.

Why use a Booster System ?

  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Fail Safe Increases machine life and dependability
  • Reduces manual loads on lever pedal
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used with cable or rod linkage clutch systems

Clutch Booster Application

Clutch installation with cylinder in Pull application.

Clutch installation with cylinder in Push application


This shows the Load Sensor Regulator installed on a hard rod clutch linkage system.

View of the Booster Cylinder fitted to the hard rod clutch linkage system. All pivotal points can be fitted with rod ends.

Load Sensor Regulator installed on a clutch cable system The Booster Cylinder is mounted on the clutch lever arm.

Clutch cable mounted system.


We also supply various spherical rod ends, clevis assemblies and air fittings for ease of installation.


Complete Systems

Pneumatic Clutch Booster systems are designed specifically for individual vehicle models. This product is presently being offered as an option or as standard equipment in an increasing number of Australian heavy duty vehicles. When used with the high quality cables produced by TGA Cablemakers, the result will be a long life maintenance free control system which can be expected to increase the reputation and productivity of your equipment.

Pneumatic Clutch Booster

The future of engineering design in heavy duty vehicles is clear. Controls will continue to improve in ergonomics, maintainability and reliability. Specify the Pneumatic Clutch Booster from TGA Cablemakers. View of the Booster Cylinder fitted to the hard rod clutch linkage system. All pivotal points can be fitted with rod ends. Load Sensor Regulator installed on a clutch cable system The Booster Cylinder is mounted on the clutch lever arm.

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