About Us

TGA Cables manufactures and supplies a wide range of mechanical products designed for use in both commercial and industrial vehicles.

With more than 26 years of experience within the industry, we have a sound understanding of cable systems and related parts. Our level of expertise means we are well equipped to provide the right advice to our customers, ensuring you leave with a product that is perfectly suited to the job at hand.

Our products covers linages and cable assemblies, through to hand and foot controls, and general controls. Catering primarily to commercial and industrial vehicles, our range is designed to promote both performance and ease of operation – whether it's a rear engine bus or a cab over truck. We also stock a range of accessories, including hardware and end fittings, for those times when you need to carry out minor repairs.

Our components are sourced worldwide, combining world-class engineering with high quality materials, ensuring they are made with performance and longevity in mind.

Located in Croydon South, we are your supplier of choice for Melbourne businesses.

Custom Cable Assemblies

We are assemblers of custom made:

  • Push-Pull Cables
  • Control Head Cables
  • Trucks Gear Shift Cables
  • Pneumatic Clutch Boosters
  • Unidrum Cables
  • Electronic Pedal and Controllers
  • ...and more.

Why Us?

With over 26 years of industry experience, we can advise on the best product for your needs. We are the sole Victorian distributor of US manufacturers, CableCraft Motion Controls. All assemblies are made with reliability and longevity in mind.

Call our experts about your cable requirements.

03 9761 6659